Preventative Medicine

The primary goal of preventive medicine is to protect, prevent disease, support and maintain health and happiness in people. As an alternative of finding a cure, preventive medicine puts emphasis on attempts to prevent disease and health conditions before they happen.

Preventive medicine has been separated into 4 categories:

  •  Primary prevention: Primary preventions are the actions taken to stay away from disease such as with Immunizations.
  •  Secondary prevention: Secondary prevention comprises disease detection and screening, for instance, Pap smears and mammograms, before a health problem occurs.
  •  Tertiary prevention: Tertiary prevention is the efforts that are taken to help reduce complications and reinstate function of a diagnosed disease. For instance, depressed patients will take anti-depressant medication to control their symptoms.
  •  Quaternary prevention: Quaternary prevention is defined as a group of health activities that alleviate or avoid the cost of unnecessary or excessive interferences in the health scheme.

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